Board of Directors

John Brecker

White Plains, New York
Corporate Director

Todd Dillabough

Calgary, Alberta
Corporate Director

Walter Jones

Denver, Colorado
Corporate Director

Leslie T. Lederer

Chicago, Illinois
Corporate Director and Chairman

Jill Leversage

Vancouver, British Columbia
Corporate Director

Joe Nemeth

Vancouver, British Columbia
President and Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Raymond

Montreal, Quebec
Corporate Director




Composition & Structure

Catalyst’s board of directors is accountable for the stewardship and governance of the company and operates under a publicly-disclosed mandate with specific terms of reference. The board is committed to continual review and improvement of its governance procedures to keep pace with the regulated and voluntary practices emerging in North America. All directors except the company’s Chief Executive Officer are considered independent.


Catalyst’s board undertakes to satisfy its legal responsibilities to supervise the management of the company’s business in the interest of all shareholders through the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer.

Among its most important accountabilities, the board reviews and approves:

  • The appointment and succession of senior management
  • The remuneration of the Chief Executive Officer and his direct reports
  • The strategic plan
  • Capital and operating budgets
  • Performance targets for the Chief Executive Officer
  • The identification and monitoring of the principal risks to the company’s business
  • Systems and policies for effective and timely communication

The board manages its own affairs, including the selection of its chair and deputy chair, the formation of special committees as necessary and the evaluation and compensation of directors.


The board has three permanent committees:

  • Audit Committee
  • Environmental, Health and Safety 
  • Governance, Human Resources and Compensation