Executive Team

Edward (Ned) Dwyer

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ned Dwyer was appointed President & Chief Executive Officer in October 2017. Ned most recently served as Catalyst’s Chief Operating Officer and is an industry veteran with more than 30 years in the pulp and paper industry gained in progressively senior roles with global companies. Ned is recognized for successfully leading major operational and performance improvements in cost, productivity, efficiency, quality and safety. In addition, Ned has established a track record for successful machine start-ups and rebuilds, as well as leading product development for emerging markets.

Ned holds a Bachelor of Science (Paper Science and Engineering) from the State University of New York and Syracuse University.

Om Bhatia

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Om Bhatia was appointed Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer in May 2017. Prior to Catalyst, Om was a senior executive with a large New York-based financial institution where he was responsible for developing and structuring programs to maximize the profitability of multi-national companies. Om’s financial expertise is supported by 15 years of operational experience gained in various facets of pulp and paper operations, including strategic planning, corporate development, customer service and production.

Om holds a Master of Business Administration from Notre Dame University, a Master of Science from Miami University (Ohio), an engineering degree (Paper Science & Technology) from the Indian Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) from Meerut University.

Matt Stapleton

Interim Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Matt most recently led our Printing & Writing and Publication Papers Sales team, responsible for the Coated and Uncoated Product lines, and was previously responsible for North American Paper Sales as well as the management of our Specialties product lines at our BC mills. Matt joined Catalyst in 1999, and has extensive experience in various sales management positions with a number of leading paper companies.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The United States Naval Academy.