Ready to start a new page in
your career – start it with Catalyst.

With over 100 years of paper making history, we are passionate about our paper products and people. We recognize people are looking for more than a job, they are looking for a career. We employ a range of individuals with diverse personal and professional backgrounds that help us manufacture 1.5 million tonnes of specialty printing papers, newsprint and pulp for our customers around the globe.

At Catalyst we provide an environment where you:

  • Build on your experience and expertise
  • Improve your job skills and knowledge
  • Prepare yourself for advancement
  • Develop your personal aspirations
  • Have support and learn from your peers.

We value the unique skills, talent and life experience our employees bring. In return we offer a competitive benefit and salary package, in a challenging career environment.

People make paper – machines don’t.

At Catalyst every individual plays an important part in making paper and ensuring it reaches our customers. Making paper is no simple task. It takes a team of skilled, qualified and diverse paper making specialists. Here’s a glance at some career areas with Catalyst:

  • Power engineering – As a ticketed steam engineer, you will operate our boilers and other utility equipment to create power and supply clean water for our operations.
  • Mobile equipment operator – Run the equipment that supplies raw materials to our operation and ensures our quality products are distributed without damage to our customers.
  • Process operator – Run our manufacturing equipment using current technology to ensure we produce quality products and deliver excellent value to our customers.
  • Tradesperson – As an electrical, instrumentation or mechanical tradesperson you will ensure that our equipment, facilities and control systems perform reliably.
  • Engineer – As a process, mechanical, or electrical engineer you ensure that our equipment and processes are operating at peak performance and that we are preparing for the future needs of the business.
  • Information Technology – In IT you work to ensure that our information systems and applications are optimized and can be relied upon by all corners of the business.
  • Human Resources – In HR you work to ensure we have the talent we require now and for the future.
  • Finance – As a certified accountant or someone working on their designation you will ensure we meet our regulatory and disclosure obligations. You will also provide business analysis and insight to our team.
  • Logistics – As a detail-oriented professional, you will work to ensure we have the materials we need to successfully manufacture our quality products and then deliver those products on time, in full, and undamaged to all corners of the globe.
  • Sales & Marketing – As a member of our sales and marketing team, you will help us grow and maintain our position with current and potential customer accounts, and identify future markets for our business.

It remains a paper world.

The invention of paper dates back to at least 105 A.D. and before that thoughts were carved on stones and cave walls. Paper has come a long way since the stone ages and remains the preferred way to view and store information. It’s still a “go to” communication tool for major advertisers, retailers and news outlets. People love paper. The touch and feel of paper cannot be replaced. Paper connects us all and is here to stay.

If you thrive on solving technical challenges, value growth over stability, appreciate living in some of North America’s most spectacular environments, and want a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, Catalyst Paper may be the place for you.

…Paper is renewable.

Paper is still one of the most environmentally sensitive communications media. It’s made of renewable natural fibres that can be recycled many times over and are sourced from sustainably managed forests and produced using 87% renewable energy at our BC mills.

…Paper is lasting.

Have you noticed that the ‘paperless society’ never happened? That’s because paper remains a high quality, high touch communication media for newspapers, magazines and other forms of print-based information. Paper is part of life and here to stay.

…Paper is high-tech.

Manufacturing processes at our mills are supported by complex information systems and infrastructures. We use process engineering applications, steam and power modeling multivariate analysis, chemistry, mobile customer relationship management systems and high speed scanning and camera equipment to produce quality pulp and paper products.


Here are the steps to our hiring process:

Step 1
Submit your resume and cover letter at our Career Centre by applying for an available position and creating an online profile.

Step 2
All applications received for an opportunity will be reviewed. If your skills, experience and background meet our requirements, we will contact you for a preliminary interview. If at any time you have questions about an opening, please contact human resources.

Step 3
A member of our HR team will arrange any subsequent interviews with you and members of the hiring team.

Step 4
A member of our HR team will inform all interviewed candidates of the status of their application. All resumes will be kept on file for 12 months and considered for future openings.

Step 5
HR and the hiring manager will contact successful candidates to welcome and orientate you to your new role and our company.