Directory paper grade. Catalyst Directory is recognized for excellent performance at low basis weights, and is used to produce telephone books, airline schedules and catalogues. Produced at the Port Alberni and Crofton mills.

Specialty high-bright paper grade. Its high brightness, broad basis weights, and excellent printability and runnability make it the choice for special advertising sections and inserts.

Electracal™ is a soft calendered B (SCB) grade. Increased levels of brightness and gloss ensure sharper, cleaner images for your inserts and flyers. Electracal™ is proudly manufactured at Catalyst’s Powell River mill.

Electraprime™ is the brand name for our specialty SCA alternative product. Its exceptional print properties and runnability make it a great option for SC paper printers in western and central North America. Electraprime™ is manufactured at our Powell River mill.

Super high-brightness improved newsprint. Excellent opacity, super optical properties and it’s bulky, yet light. Electrastar is manufactured at our Powell River mill.

High-quality newsprint. The choice for leading newspapers across North America and around the world. Manufactured at our Crofton mill.