Catalyst is an established producer of NBHK pulp (Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft) in the State of Maine in north-eastern USA.  We produce a distinctive NBHK grade at our Rumford pulp division.  This grade is valued for its brightness, cleanliness, consistency, and functional properties.  The Catalyst Rumford Division is well located to serve customers in a geographic area ranging from eastern North America to the mid-west as well as for overseas shipments. 

Catalyst is a key producer of NBSK pulp (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft) on Canada’s west coast.  We produce two distinct reinforcement grade softwood kraft pulps at our Crofton, British Columbia division. These grades are known for their strength and reinforcement properties, printability, runnability, and consistency. Shipment capabilities direct from our own Crofton deep-water port to Pacific Rim countries is a strategic advantage to service these important overseas markets.

Rumford Offset is an effective choice for an uncoated freesheet to help you get your message out. With a new, enhanced 92 brightness, a blue white shade and exceptional print quality, it delivers what you need to get your project done right.

Specialty high-bright paper grade. Its high brightness, broad basis weights, and excellent printability and runnability make it the choice for special advertising sections and inserts.