Environment Policy

Environment Policy Statement from the CEO

Catalyst Paper is accountable for the effect of its operations on the environment and we accept responsibility for conserving, sustaining and making efficient use of the resources we consume including fibre, water and energy. While the company’s products play an important role in society, we are mindful that they must also represent the highest standards of environmental integrity we can provide.

Catalyst is committed to the principle of continuous improvement and reviews its policies and practices against external benchmarks with the help of independent advisors and partners. We work cooperatively and collaboratively with those who contribute positively, through advice or criticism, to improving our environmental performance. Day-to-day, the responsibility for environmental performance rests with all employees.

In applying this policy, Catalyst commits to:

  • Adhere to the principles of conservation and sustainability
  • Meet the requirements of relevant environmental legislation and other voluntary programs
  • Be fully transparent in publicly disclosing our environmental performance
  • Reduce pollution at its source including our carbon footprint
  • Set objectives and targets to support continual improvement of our environmental performance
  • Operate our facilities with respect for the values of surrounding communities and local indigenous peoples

Joe Nemeth
President and Chief Executive Officer
Catalyst Paper Corporation