Directory paper grade. Catalyst Directory is recognized for excellent performance at low basis weights, and is used to produce telephone books, airline schedules and catalogues. Produced at the Port Alberni and Crofton mills.

The Benefits: 

Catalyst™ Directory provides superior reproduction, registration, sheet cleanliness, excellent opacity and show-through. Offering strength, printability and stability, it’s the right print solution for all lightweight directories, including those with four-colour graphics and higher ink loads.

Environmental Footprint: 
  • Made with more than 85% renewable energy
  • Certified to PEFC
  • Elemental chlorine free
  • No Boreal fibre

Paper Type

End-Use Application: 

Product Specifications

BASIS WEIGHT (# news basis) 18 20.9 22.1 24.6
BASIS WEIGHT (gsm) 29.3 34 36 40
BRIGHTNESS ISO (%) 56 56 56 56
CALIPER (thou) 2.16 2.40 2.75 2.83
CALIPER (PPI) 926 830 726 706
OPACITY (%) 85 89 90 92

Key Product Characteristics

Lighter Weights—Available in basis weights ranging from 18# (29.3 gsm) to 24.6# (40 gsm)
Appearance—Creamy white shade for excellent opacity
Savings—Solid performer on press, with good runnability and reliability. High bulk characteristic presents opportunity to reduce weight without impacting opacity
History—Leaders in the production of lightweight, high-opacity directory paper made on modern, dedicated machines. Experience counts: we’ve been doing this for a long time
Commitment—We are the largest producer by capacity of telephone directory paper in the world. We have strong management-union working relationship and a history of stable, dependable on-time delivery