Environmental Footprint

Catalyst Paper specializes in lighter basis weight papers — products with superior strength, press performance and runnability that have been manufactured in low-carbon mills and with a demonstrable commitment to sustainability.

Our Commitment

Catalyst maintains a longstanding commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Our ongoing alliances and engagement with projects such as the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative, and partnerships with environmental organizations such as the WWF have positioned us as a business leader on issues related to environment and sustainability.

Our Footprint

Lighter basis weight paper is a responsible environmental choice because it requires fewer resources: less fibre, fewer raw materials, and less energy for production, shipping and printing. It also means more paper from each roll, fewer roll changes, fewer pastings, and greater efficiency of storage — all of which adds up to a greater product efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

We maintain a low carbon footprint by using 87% renewable energy. We have also reduced direct greenhouse gas emissions by 79% from 1990 baseline figures, allowing us to affordably offer Catalyst Cooled manufactured carbon neutral specialty papers.

Water-use reductions are also an important operational focal point, and in 2012 water use per tonne of production was down by 23% since 2000.

Our Fibre

None of our fibre comes from the Boreal forest, nor is it genetically modified or illegally harvested. It is sourced within British Columbia or the US Pacific Northwest, and made up mainly of sawmill wastes. In 2012, 59% of the fibre delivered to our Canadian mills was independently certified to one of the three main recognized third-party standards. Both PEFC and FSC chain-of-custody systems are also in place at each of our mills, providing transparency and assurance that select paper products are made of fibre from sources meeting recognized forest management standards. All our products are fully recyclable.

Our Processes

Catalyst produces bulky, lightweight, high opacity papers that are efficiently manufactured using fewer resources and creating less waste. Our mechanical papers are produced using 95% wood fibre. Compare that to freesheet paper manufacturers who use less than 50% wood fibre. This means Catalyst uses far fewer chemicals and fillers than freesheet paper manufacturers.

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