Super high-brightness improved newsprint. Excellent opacity, super optical properties and it’s bulky, yet light. Electrastar is manufactured at our Powell River mill.

The Benefits: 

Among the brightest papers in the improved newsprint universe, makes copy easier to read and graphics pop off the page. Electrastar is a standout performer and an excellent choice for retail inserts, publishing, direct mail and advertising pieces and general commercial printing.

Environmental Footprint: 
  • Made with more than 90% renewable energy
  • Certified to PEFC
  • Elemental chlorine free
  • No Boreal fibre

Product Specifications

  Electrastar Electrastar 84
BASIS WEIGHT (# book basis) 33 35.2 37.2 40 42.5 45 50 42.5 45 50
BASIS WEIGHT (gsm) 48.8 52 55 59.2 62.9 66.5 74 62.9 66.5 74
BRIGHTNESS (%) 76 80 80 80 80 80 80 84 84 84
OPACITY (%) 93 93.5 94 95 95.5 96 97 95.5 96 97


Key Product Characteristics

Product Performance—Excellent runnability and printability; the first alternative for super high-bright needs
Yield Advantage—Wide range of basis weights from 33# to 50# (book basis) as a bulky alternative to heavier weight papers, saving money in the mail and on press
Versatile—Great results for special sales events, promotions, front pages, magazines, and catalogues as well as college course guides, programs for community centres, etc.
Key Features—Higher brightness, shade and a very high opacity (up to 97%) delivers clean and sharp print results
Optical Properties—Pleasing blue-white shade is easy on the eyes and improves readability while high print contrast makes graphics look crisp, sharp and colourful
Printability—Fantastic print reproduction: clean, sharp and white