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Catalyst is a key producer of pulp along Canada’s west coast. We make two grades of reinforcement grade NBSK (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft) pulp, known for its runnability, printability and strength. Catalyst ships pulp all over the world, with Asia as our primary focus. Freight capability directly from our own deep-water port in Crofton, British Columbia to Pacific Rim countries is a strategic advantage to these important overseas markets.

Catalyst’s market pulp is northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp, produced at our Crofton Division in British Columbia. Fibre selection, blending and bleaching are controlled to exacting specifications. High-quality residual chips from both coastal and interior forests are used to manufacture this pulp.

Catalyst’s NBSK pulp is a fully bleached (elemental-chlorine free) reinforcement grade pulp, valued by customers for its diversity of applications, and for its strength, runnability, high bulk, porosity and other functional advantages. It is available with PEFC3 certification, for those customers wishing additional assurance regarding the sustainability of sources of fibre supply.

End-use applications include lightweight coated paper for catalogues and magazines; wood-free printing and writing papers; tissues, coffee filters and other consumer products; and specialized applications like fibre cement and Japanese washi paper.

3 Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

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