Specialty SCA alternative product. Exceptional print properties and runnability make it a great option for SC paper printers. Produced in Powell River.

The Benefits: 

Higher brightness, higher opacity alternative to supercalendered-A (SCA) papers. The ideal solution for flyers and inserts. Bulky composition gives it a more substantial “feel” than SCA. Available for offset printing at very competitive prices.

Environmental Footprint: 
  • Low carbon paper
  • Available as Catalyst Cooled manufactured carbon neutral
  • Made with more than 90% renewable energy
  • Certified to PEFC
  • No Boreal fibre

Product Specifications

BASIS WEIGHT (# book basis) 30 33 35.2
BASIS WEIGHT (gsm) 44.4 48.8 52
BRIGHTNESS ISO (%) 72 75 75
GLOSS (%) 33 36 36
CALIPER (thou) 1.92 2.05 2.12
OPACITY (%) 91 92 93

Key Product Characteristics

Contrast - Excellent print and gloss contrast for heatset offset applications.
Good Printability and Runnability - Offers excellent printed gloss, whiteness and opacity, along with excellent runnability on press. Printers have less downtime and waste—saving time and money
Unique - No other SCA product can deliver high brightness, high opacity and high bulk to give the bright-white appearance
West Coast - Our west coast location means we have unsurpassed technical service and knowledge of west coast pressrooms
Flexibility and Responsiveness - We provide exceptional service and delivery to both local and national accounts