Electrabrite Book Sage

Electrabrite Book Sage

Electrabrite™ Book is the brand name for our uncoated high-bright book paper product. Its caliper controlled, blue-white shade, excellent printability and runnability make it the choice for book applications requiring uncoated paper.

The Benefits: 

Our Sage line of products are the greenest of our great specialty papers, offering a verifiable environmental pedigree and chain of custody system. And, $1 of every tonne of Sage paper sold goes to support our partners' sustainability initiatives.

Environmental Footprint: 
  • 100% certified fibre
  • Backed with PEFC chain of custody
  • Manufactured carbon-neutral
  • Visibility of environmental footprint
Paper Type: 

Product Specifications

BASIS WEIGHT (# book basis) 35/3.2 pt 35/4 pt 35/3.2 pt 35/4 pt
BASIS WEIGHT (gsm) 52 52 52 52
BRIGHTNESS ISO (%) 70 70 75 75
CALIPER (mills) 3.2 4 3.2 4
CALIPER (PPI) 624 500 624 500
OPACITY (%) 95 95 94.5 94.5

Key Product Characteristics

Environmentally Preferred — 100% certified fibre obtained from sustainably managed forests
Third-Party Verification — Backed with PEFC chain of custody and manufactured carbon-neutral using ISO standards
Transparency — Visibility of environmental footprint provided through Metafore's Environmental Paper Assessment Tool, a project of GreenBlue
Documented Chain of Custody System — Verified carbon emissions profile and manufactured carbon-neutral
Basis Weights, Shade — Available in 35# to 45# basis weight in blue-white shade
Caliper Controlled — Paper is available to meet book publishers needs from 400-500 PPI
Performance — Saves time and money while meeting all your printing needs
Printability — This product delivers excellent opacity while consistently delivering on printability and runnability
Flexible and Responsive — We provide exceptional service and delivery to both local customers and national accounts, through strategically located distribution centres

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