Coated Freesheet

Orion is our coated three freesheet product. This versatile, high-quality choice satisfies high-end, upscale applications. Fully archival and acid free.

Coated Groundwood

Vision is our coated three groundwood product. This high-quality coated paper offers brightness, image reproduction and opacity for quality-conscious catalog and magazine applications. Available in Gloss and Velvet finish.

Escanaba is our coated four groundwood paper. Its exquisite surface and excellent opacity results in outstanding image quality.

Dependoweb is our coated four product. Its versatility, flexibility and reliability make it ideal for offset and gravure printing. Customers choose Dependoweb for demanding and problem-free print jobs.

Capri is our high-bright, lightweight coated groundwood product, ideal for image-conscious applications on an economical budget.

Consoweb is our lightweight and ultra-lightweight coated five groundwood product. Consistent pressroom performance and distribution cost-savings make it a popular choice among leading publishers.

Consoweb is our lightweight and ultra-lightweight coated five groundwood product. Consistent pressroom performance and distribution cost-savings make it a popular choice among leading publishers.


The LEAP brands are specially designed for all your food packaging applications – from flat or pinch bottom bags and poly and adhesive laminated products to sugar packets and ice cream treats. The LEAP family product portfolio delivers a full range of appearance, performance and sustainability through an array of applications.

Glide Graphics has been developed for applications used in transportation, fleet and vehicle graphics, road signs and large format vinyl displays. Glide Graphics offers several caliper options and features excellent lay flat, scoring and cracking capabilities for efficient and exact applications regardless of the surface or job site conditions. In addition, the controlled smoothness helps protect sensitive material from roll set marking.

Oxford C1S paper is a well-recognized leader in the Coated One Side market. Produced at our Rumford Mill for 20+ years, Oxford C1S is best-in-class for quality, shade, surface, strength and performance. Oxford C1S is available in two shades: Oxford Litho and Oxford High Bright. These grades are offered in a wide array of basis weights and have been designed to perform flawlessly in Cut and Stack, Commercial C1S & Lamination and Pressure Sensitive applications.​


Supercalendered A

Electraprime™ is the brand name for our specialty SCA alternative product. Its exceptional print properties and runnability make it a great option for SC paper printers in western and central North America. Electraprime™ is manufactured at our Powell River mill.

Soft Calendered B

Electracal™ is a soft calendered B (SCB) grade. Increased levels of brightness and gloss ensure sharper, cleaner images for your inserts and flyers. Electracal™ is proudly manufactured at Catalyst’s Powell River mill.

Uncoated Freesheet

Designed to satisfy your uncoated free sheet needs, Rumford Offset is another option to help you get your message out. With a blue white shade in an acid free product, you can get your project done right

Hibrite & Superbrite


Super high-brightness improved newsprint. Excellent opacity, super optical properties and it’s bulky, yet light. Electrastar is manufactured at our Powell River mill.


Specialty high-bright paper grade. Its high brightness, broad basis weights, and excellent printability and runnability make it the choice for special advertising sections and inserts.


Directory paper grade. Catalyst Directory is recognized for excellent performance at low basis weights, and is used to produce telephone books, airline schedules and catalogues. Produced at the Port Alberni and Crofton mills.


High-quality newsprint. The choice for leading newspapers across North America and around the world. Manufactured at our Crofton mill.

Pulp - NBSK

Catalyst is a key producer of NBSK pulp (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft) on Canada’s west coast.  We produce two distinct reinforcement grade softwood kraft pulps at our Crofton, British Columbia division. These grades are known for their strength and reinforcement properties, printability, runnability, and consistency. Shipment capabilities direct from our own Crofton deep-water port to Pacific Rim countries is a strategic advantage to service these important overseas markets.

Pulp - NBHK

Catalyst is an established producer of NBHK pulp (Northern Bleached Hardwood Kraft) in the State of Maine in north-eastern USA.  We produce a distinctive NBHK grade at our Rumford pulp division.  This grade is valued for its brightness, cleanliness, consistency, and functional properties.  The Catalyst Rumford Division is well located to serve customers in a geographic area ranging from eastern North America to the mid-west as well as for overseas shipments.