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Keeping the Presses Running

In the deadline-driven world of publishing, ‘there’s a problem on the press’ is a phrase none of us wants to hear.

For all the hype devoted to digital design and high technology, print on paper is a disarmingly simple medium for readers, consumers and advertisers, made possible by a complex system of engineering, chemistry and process technologies.

Finding the perfect combination of ink and paper remains an innovative blend of communication art and press room science.

Small changes – in humidity, roll tension, ink density, color palette, fiber composition, or basis weight – can result in very different outcomes. But, of course, deadlines are critical and that makes speed and efficiency the twin priorities of every pressroom and mill. And that means it’s the technicians and machine operators who are often the ‘top guns’ and unsung heroes behind the breaking news that gets the headlines or the advertising pieces that bring customers in the door.

Experience and process knowledge is a key factor in delivering optimal business results – end to end. When pressroom problems develop, our technical service team is ready to troubleshoot bringing a unique brand of forensic analysis to the papers, processes and presses of our customers.

Their expertise ensures we are doing all that we can as a paper supplier to help you make the best possible use of our lighter basis weight papers and keep the presses running.

On a personal note, there is one more reason none of us wants to hear of a problem on the press. We know how much we all depend on others along our value chain to succeed ourselves. As the final deadline for 2008 nears, and we pause to spend important time with friends and family, all of us at Catalyst Paper send our sincere best wishes to you and yours for the holiday season - and for the year ahead.

Tom Crowley
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Crafting a cleaner burn

Experience: Catalyst is known for expertise in lightweight papers and our technical service team is second to none when it comes to working with customer pressrooms to achieve optimal press performance, quality improvements, and waste reduction. While we produce lighter weights and that's what our technical team knows best, years of experience in our industry means they are a ‘walking Wikipedia’ of insight on paper, ink and press performance issues and solutions.

Tenacity: Catalyst's technical service team lives and breathes print. In a field that demands experience and perseverance, the Catalyst team is known for its tenacity in finding and fixing a technical problem. As one customer discovered, we won't give up until we've uncovered the root cause, even if it means installing cameras end to end in a printing plant to isolate the reason behind a runnability issue.

Collaboration: As printers and publishers adapt our uncoated and coated specialty papers to new uses, the technical expertise that goes with our broad product portfolio is more important than ever. With background as press operators, product developers and efficiency experts, our technical team understands deadline pressure. And, that's why we work directly with press room technicians to identify and solve issues fast by tapping a pool of knowledge that only experience can teach.

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In the next issue: Looking to the year ahead

Find out more about Catalyst Paper and our lighter footprint.


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