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At Catalyst Paper, we're known for performance that's rooted in product quality, service excellence and environmental expertise. What's less well known is that we're a leading mechanical paper manufacturer in western North America: our product portfolio meets a broad range of publishing, advertising and direct marketing needs.

I'm pleased to announce Catalyst is growing with the acquisition of a new mill in Snowflake, Arizona. This newsprint mill adds depth to our product portfolio and shares our business commitment to performance and service excellence.

The Snowflake mill is a great match for Catalyst and for our customers. Snowflake manufactures 100% recycled newsprint in a prime location that's easily accessible to the growing population centers of the U.S. southwest.

With the addition of Snowflake, the full complement of Catalyst mills provides:

A reputable product range — one of the broadest in the industry.
We built our reputation as a leading manufacturer of directory paper and newsprint. These papers are still an important part of our business, but as your needs have changed so have we. At Catalyst, we have adapted our manufacturing expertise to meet the specialty paper needs of retailers, multi-channel marketers and publishers who are looking for superior press performance and runnability from a stronger, brighter, lighter basis weight paper. Customers who are balancing postage and transportation costs, operational efficiency demands and consumer expectations for strong environmental stewardship will find Catalyst an excellent supplier for a wide range of mechanical printing papers.

Earned respect — built on proven environmental credentials.
The paper Catalyst makes comes with a solid pedigree. Our Canadian coastal mills use 87% renewable energy to make coated and uncoated specialty paper grades from virgin fibre — most of which is certified and the residual byproduct of the solid wood sector. Our mills have implemented the PricewaterhouseCoopers chain-of-custody. And our relentless focus on greenhouse gas emissions reduction meant we were able to introduce Catalyst Cooled manufactured carbon neutral paper in 2007.

We are also active in paper recycling and use recycled fibre in grades where the yield is best suited to technical quality and pressroom requirements. The Snowflake mill produces 100% recycled newsprint, and harvests the urban forest — used newspapers and magazines — to produce valuable recycled fibre.

Superior supply management.
We understand the direct relationship between operational efficiency and the bottom line. Operational efficiency plays a critical role in keeping Catalyst competitive in the brutally challenging North American and global media, retail and service markets. This means we understand how important a superior paper supplier is to your own operational performance and competitive advantage.

Our freight and logistics team is keenly aware that our sales and service excellence depends on cost-effective sea, rail and truck transport networks linking well-located distribution hubs. The team also leverages proven materials and inventory handling systems that ensure on-time, on-quality reliability is the added value delivered with every Catalyst product shipment. With the addition of the Snowflake mill, we've strengthened our western North American access and coverage.

High-production capacity, proximity to key markets, breadth of product options, first-class operations management and a globally respected environmental pedigree add up to superior value in every product from Catalyst. We're pleased to be growing, and we look forward to applying more fresh thinking to meet your paper needs.

Tom Crowley
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing