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If there was one thing that was certain this past year, it’s that our business is not for the easily beaten or the easily bored.

With a tough credit environment to contend with as well, reliability has taken on new importance in the business supply chain and I’m pleased to advise that Catalyst recently put in place a new C$330 million revolving asset based loan facility with a maturity date of 2013 to replace a previous credit facility which was due to mature next year. This gives us more flexibility to manage our operations and is welcome confirmation of the soundness of our business fundamentals and strategic focus.

For years, there have been predictions that print would fade as the internet flourished. But, as marketers carefully evaluate the return on investment of their media choices, evidence is pointing to paper as a driver of on-line sales. Consumers who spend on-line spend more when paper is part of the channel mix. For many marketers, using print in combination with the web is serving up a better return than either print or the web alone. And, so we are seeing conversations shift from ‘is print dead’ to ‘how can we best use print to drive optimum results’.

The conventional wisdom that Gen X and the ever-connected Gen Y don’t use paper is also proving false. Even though the teenagers in my family may use electronic media far more than I, or my parents do, it doesn’t mean they respond to print less. As many of us can recall from our own teen years, it’s just harder to get their attention.

Getting the right message to the right consumers in the right way has always been the core of marketing and reaching people through many different channels – including print – is today’s strategy of choice. This means our fresh thinking and broad range of lighter-basis weight products can be an effective tool to help keep paper an integral part of your marketing mix.

Tom Crowley
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Crafting a cleaner burn

Although headlines still treat growth rates of the internet as news, the continuing overall importance of paper-based communication is rarely mentioned. Print accounts for almost 40% of all measured spending by U.S. advertisers. Direct mail is trending upward. City, regional and special interest magazines are thriving.

Why does print prevail? Because print works.

Print is personal. Visually bold and physically present, print is harder to ignore than email. It has measurably high ROI. Print plays well with others, as integrated campaigns with complimentary messages delivered across a range of media repeatedly prove.

Print inspires. For centuries, print and print advertising motivated interest in everything from products and services to ideas that rallied people around the issues and causes of their time.

The question to ask is not ‘why print?’ but ‘why not print?

Better together – integration at work

Publishers are successfully integrating print and on-line to market to Millennials – or Gen Y. Print magazines carry beautiful photography and in-depth stories and link to complementary web sites for quick information bites, research and interactivity. The print edition points readers to the web, and the web site points readers to the magazine. Each channel compliments the other, while highlighting its own specific strength.

Another example of the value of print is demonstrated by the Canada Yellow Pages Group. The printed directory is the bedrock that is built on through on-line search engines and banner ads. This gives advertisers and consumers additional avenues for research and special offers. Still, the trusted relationship is with the printed directory. Consumers value its completeness and ease of use: advertisers value its direct distribution, advertising and visual design strength and measurability.

For publishers, successful marketing isn’t about duplicating their print franchise on-line – it’s in making sure each medium performs to its best advantage to support a better customer experience and stronger affinity for the brand overall.

Don’t stop the presses

Thinking differently about paper is the key and with our expertise in lighter basis weight paper production we can help customers minimize barriers and keep print working effectively in your marketing mix. Here are just a few considerations to think about:

Cost: Lighter basis weight means less cost at the postage meter. Lighter paper also means more print surface area per tonne, so you don’t have to give up circulation, prospecting or merchandise pages to keep postage costs in line. Catalyst’s lighter papers also perform as well or better than heavyweights in the pressroom, keeping your production time and expenses down.

Press performance: Catalyst delivers paper that reduces waste and performs on the press. If you need support, Catalyst’s technical teams are known for their knowledge, responsiveness and ability to troubleshoot in the pressroom.

Image: A brighter paper means you can still have a beautiful look for an attractive price. Catalyst’s Electra-line of papers offer excellent production quality with the added benefit of demonstrating responsible use of resources.

Technology: Yes, "Gen X & Y = IM & txt", but the always-connected, always on generations also read and react to mail in the same way their parents did. Because both Gen X and Gen Y tend to receive less mail, they pay attention when it arrives.

Environment: While the environmental impact of digital communication is only beginning to gain attention – from the energy used to the waste created – Catalyst has earned a reputation for sustainability excellence. On the west coast, our papers are made using 87% renewable energy, and are available as Catalyst Cooled manufactured carbon neutral while, our mill in Snowflake, Arizona makes 100% recycled newsprint.

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In the next issue: Taking a Closer Look at White, Bright, and Green

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