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Steady support for turbulent times

Since the last issue of Unfold Online in September, we have witnessed unprecedented upheaval on Wall Street, and growing anxiety on Main Street.

During this volatile time, chances are you have enough to manage without worrying about weak links in your supply chain. In fact, the right supplier reduces your risks.

Challenging market conditions over the past several years have served as an intense training ground for paper manufacturers. At Catalyst, we paid heed to Darwin’s ‘adapt or die’ theories. Our plan is as simple as it is difficult to implement well- shift production on a dime to keep pace with publishing demands, and remove costs through a relentless focus on efficiency. While we can’t afford to be wasteful, we do, in fact, convert waste into newsprint and specialty printing papers with excellent pressroom performance and a respected green pedigree.

Our relentless focus on efficiency extends to production expertise in lighter basis weight papers, improved supply chain logistics, and a lower-carbon fuel mix. From making good use of sawmill waste to paper recycling, to our introduction of Catalyst Cooled manufactured carbon neutral paper – we have embraced the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy as one that’s as good for business as it is for the environment.

In this issue of Unfold Online, we share some ways you can depend on Catalyst’s experience, expertise and products to work for you during unpredictable times.

Tom Crowley
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Crafting a cleaner burn

Time is money: Catalyst synchronizes with your internal operations to minimize your costs for inventory and storage. Superior logistics management, Just in Time delivery expertise, order visibility and after-sales service deliver superior on time and in full performance.

Maximize your selling space; reduce the postage weight: Lighter paper means more printing surface per tonne and more reach per postage stamp. This means you don’t have to sacrifice product space or distribution volume because of freight costs or postage rates. Lighter basis weight papers means lower per unit shipping costs.

Minimize downtime. Light and strong, Catalyst products offer superior strength and runnability. With more printing surface per tonne, Catalyst’s paper rolls run longer. Longer rolls mean fewer roll changes and less down time on the press and higher productivity in the pressroom.

No waste equals no unnecessary cost: Catalyst’s love of efficiency means damaged product levels are virtually zero. We also benchmark performance for damage-free deliveries in North America, based on our continuous improvement system as well as control of our dedicated fleet of railcars.

Our no-waste initiatives include dunnage recycling, which has reduced the consumption of excess materials by 50%. Leave the dunnage in our railcars, and we recycle it at our Paper Recycling Division. You reduce excess orders and save time and handling costs.

Reliability keeps you in supply and on schedule: Catalyst mills are located on Canada’s west coast and in Arizona. Ninety-six percent of deliveries are ‘preferred mode’, the most cost-effective form of delivery. Our distribution centers afford flexibility, easy switching from truck to rail to meet your demands or respond to unexpected problems. And, we optimize payloads to reduce freight costs and fuel surcharges.

Light, white paper protects your image: Conspicuous consumption is out; eco-consciousness is in. Lighter paper demonstrates your consideration for the environment without sacrificing beautiful presentation. Plus, our solid credentials and reputation for environmental performance make Catalyst products a reassuring choice in an increasingly complex matrix of green terminology, symbols and certification systems.

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In the next issue: Keeping the presses running  | Catalyst’s technical service expertise

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