Enduring Values / Constant Change

Enduring Values / Constant Change

Our 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report reflects the broad and transparent disclosure we make on sustainability issues, and our social and economic impacts and results.

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Catalyst and Sustainability.

We aim to tread lightly and work cooperatively in our communities. The resources we use, the manufacturing processes we follow, our transportation choices, and how we work with people – everything we do is aimed at efficiently, respectfully and safely using less. Wasting less.


Waste? Not!  

No good resource should go to waste. That’s why we use what others don’t. Wood residuals become virgin fibre; bark becomes biomass electricity; and ‘waste’ water is recaptured and reused.


More from less

Manufacturing paper is what we do. But it's how we do it that makes us different. Catalyst produces products that are light, bright, strong—and environmentally responsible.


Efficient logistics  

Efficient logistics management reduces both material miles and carbon emissions produced from shipping finished product. A few extra days of shipping time, combined with good forward planning, can reduce transport related carbon emissions by as much as 97%.

Paper Life Cycle

Proud to produce paper

We're proud to produce paper. Paper is a readily recoverable, reusable and renewable resource — and it holds primacy as our preferred medium of communication. With it, humans are able to create material that engages, informs, and inspires.


Accomplishing great things together  

At Catalyst, we believe we can accomplish greater things by working cooperatively, transparently and safely with others. This includes teaming up with employees and external groups that share some of our interests.


Honesty as policy

Our open and honest approach to communications has earned us credibility among skeptics such that we continually challenge industry myths and misconceptions.