What We Stand For

Our operating philosophy is all about personal accountability — each of us being fully accountable for our own behaviors and actions and holding ourselves to a higher standard — in both what we do and how we do it. Our operating philosophy includes five key components:

Safety and Environmental Stewardship

Every employee is expected to live up to the highest level of safety and environmental compliance. This means demonstrating the "Courage to Care" — which includes being fully accountable for one’s actions, watching out for fellow employees, and confronting unsafe actions or conditions that could lead to personal harm.

Financial Performance

The company operates in a highly competitive market. Our future success requires that every employee continually challenge the status quo and bring forward ideas to drive bottom line improvements. At Catalyst Paper, our OFI (Opportunities for Improvement) program assists in capturing ideas for improvement and ensures we implement these ideas in a timely manner.


Managers set the tone for their respective groups by having simple, clear, operating objectives that are ambitious and do-able. They ensure that robust, multi-tiered communication programs are supported by consistent floor personal presence in all our operations. They listen, act on feedback, develop bench strength and shift decision-making to the right level so service is top-notch, problems are solved quickly and innovation is the norm. Continuously improving performance is expected from each business unit in the organization.

Operational Excellence

This is the foundation of every successful manufacturing company. At Catalyst Paper there are three pillars to Operational Excellence:

Benchmarking - Continuously comparing our performance to top quartile competitors to understand the gap between our current performance and what is possible.

Analytical Decision Making - This starts with having good information and doing first hand validation to ensure data is accurate and representative. It includes prioritizing opportunities based on the total net financial impact. It requires critical thinking to identify root causes for losses and how to prevent them. And it ends with developing and implementing action plans that sustainably improve business performance.

World Class Practices - In the areas of production, preventative maintenance and project/shutdown planning and execution.

Sales and Customer Focus

No matter what your job is, consider yourself part of our sales team. Everyone has a customer -- whether inside or outside our company -- and every transaction is an opportunity to strengthen our business. Together we create a service ethic that gives us an edge over competitors by delivering excellent value that is recognized by our customers as fairly priced and preferred.