A Career at Catalyst

Ready to start a new page in your career? Start it with Catalyst.

With over 100 years of paper making history, we are passionate about paper products and people. We recognize people are looking for more than a job; they are looking for a career. The diverse range in career opportunities mean employees can change careers without having to look elsewhere. From machine operators to marketing, from corporate buyer to control room engineer, we employ a range of individuals with diverse personal and professional backgrounds.

People make paper - machines don't.

At Catalyst every individual plays an important part in making paper and ensuring it reaches our customers. Making paper is no simple task. It takes a team of skilled, qualified and diverse paper making specialists. Here's a glance at some career areas with Catalyst:

Paper Machine Operator

Tanner’s eagle-eyed attention to detail services him well in his position as paper machine operator. Monitoring various screening systems, he ensures that only the highest quality product rolls off the line.

Material Handler

As a materials handler, Stephen is always looking for solutions. This pragmatic problem solver is tasked with the logistics of moving, storing and protecting material goods. When customers receive their order damage-free and on-time, Stephen had a hand in it.

Corporate Buyer

As a corporate buyer, Tanya is always looking forward and anticipating demand. She is a planning expert and skilled negotiator who works closely with vendors to ensure mills have supplies to meet customers' needs.

Sales Operations

A strategic thinker with a passion for analytics, Linda excels in sales operations. Always with an eye for growth opportunities and improving efficiency, she assesses new business opportunities, optimizes customer orders and makes sure our machines run full and profitable.

Heavy Duty Mechanic

His ability to diagnose, repair and maintain a wide variety of complex and large machinery at the mill makes Willy a valued team member. His mechanical aptitude, motor coordination and manual dexterity are relied on to ensure heavy duty equipment is running optimally and safely.


In the complex mill environment, Gary's excellent troubleshooting skills are a necessity. He's responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing a wide variety of equipment. He utilizes his ability to read and interpret blueprints/drawings and produces sketches to make complicated challenges easier.

Did you know?

Paper is renewable.

Paper is still one of the most environmentally sensitive communications media. It’s made of renewable natural fibres that can be recycled many times over and are sourced from sustainably managed forests and produced using 90% renewable energy at our BC mills.

Did you know?

Paper is lasting.

Have you noticed that the paperless society never happened? That’s because paper remains a high quality, high touch communication media for newspapers, magazines and other forms of print-based information. Paper is part of life and here to stay.

Did you know?

Paper is high-tech.

Manufacturing processes at our mills are supported by complex information systems and infrastructures. We use process engineering applications, biomass energy modeling, chemistry and high speed camera and scanning equipment to produce quality pulp and paper products.

About our hiring process

We appreciate the interest of applicants seeking employment with Catalyst. To ensure we learn of your candidacy and qualifications, please apply for an available position at our Career Centre by creating an online profile and submitting your resume and cover letter. All applications received for an opportunity will be reviewed. If your skills, experience and background are a good match for a career opening, you will be contacted for a preliminary interview.

What you can do to prepare

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience to offer, there’s opportunity at Catalyst for innovative thinkers and seasoned experts. If you thrive on solving complex problems and/or have exemplary accomplishments in your field, let us know about it to set yourself apart from other candidates.