Paper Matters — Industry E-newsletter

Some people think the paper industry is yesterday’s news, but for Catalyst, every roll of paper and every bale of pulp presents an opportunity for fresh thinking. It’s a chance to move beyond old habits and look at how we do things, why we do things and what impact we have on the world around us. It means creating a more sustainable product for our customers by keeping environmental, social and economic interests in balance.

Paper Matters casts a fresh light on our products and practices that have direct relevance to our customers’ business. Many find it helpful in making buying decisions that soften their impact on the planet.

Issue 36

Jan 8 2015

Catalyst -- A stronger, larger company ready to meet your paper needs

Welcome to all customers, current and new!

Catalyst is very pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of the U.S.-based Rumford and Biron paper mills. We are thrilled to welcome these mills and their employees to the Catalyst family, and are very excited about the many benefits this acquisition delivers to our company and our valued customers. 

Issue 35

May 15 2014

We Hope to Ship Fewer Tonnes This Year

This may sound counter intuitive, but with out lightest and improved uncoated 41.5 gsm Electrabrite 65, you get the same opacity as our 44.4 Electrabrite 65 and only need about 6% fewer tonnes to get the same number of impressions. We also pass on some savings to you. This truly is a win-win-win story for you, for Catalyst and for the environment. If you would like to see some samples of this lightweight high-bright, please contact your sales director.

Issue 34

Dec 12 2013

May Your Holidays Unravel in Wonderful Ways

Season's Greetings to you and your family.

Issue 33

Nov 8 2013

Your Brand. Your Image. What Your Paper Says About You.

This is the information age and your customers are more savvy about the products available to them than ever before. They make decisions based on this wealth of knowledge, so every aspect of your business – no matter how small or large – should represent your brand, and what you stand for. Choosing Catalyst papers make a strong statement.

Issue 32

Sep 6 2013

What it Means to Be Sage

We’re all faced with numerous choices every day and many of these choices have an effect on our environment, for better or for worse. When Catalyst customers choose our Sage-designated papers – manufactured to meet extremely high standards of environmental performance – they not only make a decision to do something positive, they give their own customers an option to do the same. Like links in a chain, Catalyst’s commitment to sustainability is passed along to others who share our passion.