Paper Matters — Industry E-newsletter

Some people think the paper industry is yesterday’s news, but for Catalyst, every roll of paper and every bale of pulp presents an opportunity for fresh thinking. It’s a chance to move beyond old habits and look at how we do things, why we do things and what impact we have on the world around us. It means creating a more sustainable product for our customers by keeping environmental, social and economic interests in balance.

Paper Matters casts a fresh light on our products and practices that have direct relevance to our customers’ business. Many find it helpful in making buying decisions that soften their impact on the planet.

Issue 31

Jul 30 2013

Bulk Without Weight: Today’s Mechanical Papers Offer Big Benefits

Small improvements can have a significant impact. That’s why the lighter-weight papers we make – perfect for a variety of end uses – are in-demand. For direct mail, flyers, high-end inserts, magazines and catalogues, there are a number of compelling advantages to mechanical printing papers.

Issue 30

Jun 27 2013

Ascent: The Rise of a New Era in Coated Paper

The introduction of a new product is always cause for excitement, but our latest innovation, Ascent – our coated #3 paper – is a particular point of pride. Ascent went from idea to market in just a few months and it broadens our already wide mechanical printing range. This is a product that hits on a lot of important attributes our customers want: brightness, superior opacity and excellent printability.

Issue 29

Jun 5 2013

Innovation Leads to New Products

Innovation. It’s at the heart of product development and how success is spelled in our industry today.

Issue 28

Apr 17 2013

Our Logistical Expertise Adds Up to Excellent Service

The high quality of our paper products is easy to assess and quantify: they look great and perform at a high level. Excellent service, another cornerstone of our business, isn’t always as quantifiable, but it’s something that we are always striving to perfect. We like to say we’re driven to “out service” the competition.

Issue 27

Mar 1 2013

Be Sage

People are more savvy about sustainability, but the perceptions of what it takes to be green are also more complex than ever before.