Paper Matters — Industry E-newsletter

Some people think the paper industry is yesterday’s news, but for Catalyst, every roll of paper and every bale of pulp presents an opportunity for fresh thinking. It’s a chance to move beyond old habits and look at how we do things, why we do things and what impact we have on the world around us. It means creating a more sustainable product for our customers by keeping environmental, social and economic interests in balance.

Paper Matters casts a fresh light on our products and practices that have direct relevance to our customers’ business. Many find it helpful in making buying decisions that soften their impact on the planet.

Issue 21

Jun 22 2011

Company-wide FSC certification strengthens Sage offer

Catalyst was among the first paper producers to respond to the demand for verification that the fibre we use comes from well-managed forests.

Issue 20

Jan 22 2011

Chain of Custody Certification Provides a Pedigree We Can Stand Behind

As a Catalyst customer, you’re familiar with our mission to tread lightly, work responsibly and produce paper with the highest environmental pedigree.

Issue 19

Dec 22 2010

A promising end to 2010 and much to look forward to in 2011

With first-rate leadership, promising quarterly results and some innovative new products, we’ve successfully navigated

Issue 18

Nov 22 2010

Catalyst Fulfills Your Needs

At Catalyst, we’re proud to offer our customers not only quality, but choice. We’ve worked hard to get ourselves to the place where we can offer a wide range of paper products to cover your full spectrum of print communication needs.

Issue 17

Oct 22 2010

Sage: A Wiser Shade of Green

At Catalyst, our continual focus on efficiency, innovation and sustainability helps us to improve our manufacturing processes and products in ways that are environmentally responsible.