Cowichan Lake Weir Shuts Down for Winter

Crofton, BC: On October 29, 2009, Catalyst Paper will cease operation of the Cowichan Lake weir that regulates water flow out of Cowichan Lake. Recent rainfall that is replenishing the lake has caused water levels to rise such that water is soon expected to be cresting over the top of the weir and naturally increasing flow in the river.

Starting today, flow rates in the river will be increased as the weir control gates are opened to prepare for shut down on October 29. Weir control gates will then no longer restrict water flow and will remain open throughout the winter season.

The Cowichan Lake boat lock will also be fully opened to allow boats unrestricted access between the lake and the river. The Ministry of Environment encourages the public, especially recreational users, to use extra caution on the Cowichan River, as increased flows combined with natural storm events can create strong currents.

The Cowichan Lake weir regulates water flow out of the lake and is operated by Catalyst Paper Crofton Division under the direction of Ministry of Environment Water Stewardship Division, and in accordance with the established regulations and licenses.

The monitoring and regulation of Cowichan Lake water levels and flow release is part of the Ministry of Environment’s ongoing commitment to maintain stream flows for all stakeholders.

For further information contact:

John Baldwin
Technical Officer
Ministry of Environment

Michelle Vessey
Manager, Environment
Catalyst Paper Crofton Division

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