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Metro Waste Paper Recovery earns Catalyst recognition

Richmond, BC – Catalyst Paper’s Paper Recycling Division (PRD) named Metro Waste Paper Recovery as the recipient of its 2007 Supplier of the Year award, choosing Earth Day to announce the award. Metro Waste is the only supplier to have earned this recognition for the third time.

Cowichan Lake Weir Begins Operation April 21, 2008

Crofton, BC - On April 21, 2008, Catalyst Paper will resume operating the Cowichan Lake weir that regulates water flow out of Cowichan Lake. The weir operation will gradually reduce water flow from the lake into the Cowichan River to the target flow level of 25 cubic meters per second set by the Ministry of Environment.

The Cowichan Lake boat lock, which allows boats to travel between the lake and the river, will also begin operating again on April 21, 2008. Both the weir and boat lock were decommissioned for the winter season in October 2007.


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