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Elk Falls paper machine curtailment extended through Q1

Vancouver, BC – Catalyst Paper's Elk Falls mill at Campbell River continues to be affected by the lingering effects of the coastal fibre strike and the deteriorating US lumber market. These factors have combined to slow the restart of coastal sawmills and constrain fibre supply.

As a result, the Elk Falls No. 1 paper machine, which was curtailed in September due to the strike-related fibre shortage, will remain down for the first quarter of 2008. This will reduce the company's newsprint production by 38,000 tonnes to the end of March.

Capital spending to focus on maintenance of business

Vancouver, BC - Catalyst Paper announced today that its program of high return capital projects will be largely complete in 2007 and capital spending is expected to return to basic maintenance levels in 2008.

Capital spending to the end of the third quarter was $68 million and is expected to reach approximately $90 million by year end, similar to the previous two years.

Catalyst appoints Tom Crowley to lead Sales & Marketing

Vancouver, BC – Catalyst Paper Corporation president and chief executive officer Richard Garneau announced the appointment of Tom Crowley as senior vice-president, sales and marketing, effective today.

Mr. Crowley joined the company in 2000 as vice-president and general manager of Catalyst Paper USA’s newsprint division. In 2005, he assumed the role of vice-president and general manager of the specialty paper division.

Catalyst drive for improvement continues

Vancouver, BC – Catalyst Paper continued the year-long focus on improving its competitive position with the announcement of further staffing reductions. This downsizing of 85 employees, accomplished largely through early retirement, is expected to deliver annualized savings of $13 million on one-time severance costs of $16 million. A majority of the reductions will take place at the Crofton and Elk Falls mills.


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