Chain of Custody Policy

Catalyst (Paper Excellence Company)(the Company) commits to its customers that it will provide products that conform to recognized environmental protection standards.  This commitment starts with the procurement and subsequent use of wood fibre in the Company’s manufacturing process.

The Company relies on professional, independent third parties to verify that the wood fibre used within its products
•    Is not sourced from illegally harvested wood
•    Is not harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights
•    Is not harvested from forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities
•    Is not from plantations or lands being converted into plantations or non-forest use
•    Is not from genetically modified trees
•    Is not in violation of any International Labour Organization Core Conventions

The Company is a strong supporter of supply chain transparency through recognized, third party certification systems that are independently verified to ensure fibre meets important standards of conservation and sustainability.  

The Company undertakes continual review and improvement of its chain of custody systems including their alignment and integration with our company-wide environmental management system.  The Company also commits to protect its workers with active occupational health and safety programs.