Accomplishing great things together

At Catalyst, we believe we can accomplish greater things by working cooperatively, transparently and safely with others. This includes teaming up with employees and external groups that share some of our interests.

We partner with organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Corporate Knights and Greenblue to enhance our commitment to sustainability — and to the natural world surrounding us. We also work hard to promote and improve the safe working conditions of our employees. Our relationships with local communities not only include ecological discussions but concerns around property taxation levels.

Since 2003, Catalyst has worked with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on the Clean Production Initiative, which focuses on lightening the manufacturing process and detoxifying its emissions. Catalyst was also a founding member of Climate Savers in 2005, a group of corporations that partner with WWF to reduce climate change by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Download WWF Report (PDF)
Rethink Business: How Addressing Climate Change Can Improve The Bottom Line

Catalyst has been a longtime supporter of GreenBlue, a nonprofit that equips business with the science and resources to make products more sustainable. GreenBlue's Forest Products program includes the Forest Products Working Group, the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool and the Paper Life Cycle.

Since 1999, Catalyst has worked with four other companies as part of the Coast Forest Conservation Initiative. We partner with Greenpeace, Forest Ethics and Sierra Club of BC to protect the Great Bear Rainforest on BC's central coast. Over the past decade, 8,200 square miles of valuable forest lands have been permanently protected. At the same time, the initiative has developed a new approach to forest management and successfully implemented FSC forest management certification in the region.