• 100% FSC or PEFC Certified fibre
  • From sustainably managed forests
  • Manufactured carbon-neutral
  • $1 per SAGE tonne sold goes to support our Partners’ sustainability initiatives.
  • Transparency through Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT)


To our customers, we have one message—with Sage designated papers what you see is what you get. You can have full confidence that Sage products meet extremely high standards of environmental performance—from verified fibre sources, to renewable energy sources, to annual reporting of mill emissions and inputs where the paper was manufactured. What’s more, we make this information readily available through multiple sources.


We are living in an age of accountability— a time when customers are scrutinizing manufacturers on a host of issues relating to environmental responsibility. They do this for good reason. For we all know that ‘green claims’ can fall short of the true good intended. Scratching the surface is a smart thing to do.

BEING SAGE means considering the sources

Being Sage means being certain about source materials. Sage papers use 100% certified fibre from sustainably managed forests. We do not harvest forests but instead purchase fibre from reputable suppliers. Our products are certified to the PEFC and FSC chain of custody system which demonstrates our commitment to environmental values while providing full transparency. There is no controversy surrounding the fibre we source.

know The Greenhouse Gas Story

While North America averages only 7% renewable energy, 87% of the energy used to make Sage papers is renewable — such as hydroelectric power and waste bark energy sources. The use of renewable energy creates limited greenhouse gases.

Look For Carbon Neutrality

Catalyst was the first company in North America to manufacture a commercial printing paper carbon neutral. What’s more, our mills have among the lowest carbon footprints of any in North America. All carbon emissions during the manufacture of Sage products are offset to ISO 14064 standards. Offset projects we invest in include independently certified reforestation initiatives, wind farms, and landfill methane collection projects, among others.

Check The Data Via EPAT

Data concerning environmental performance of Sage papers is available through Metafore’s Environmental Paper Assessment Tool (EPAT) which was developed by GreenBlue®, a non-profit institute working with the private sector to redesign industrial systems. Using EPAT, customers can track 20 performance indicators at a mill or product level, providing transparency about the specialty mills that produce our papers. And, for every tonne of Sage paper sold, $1 goes to support our partners’ sustainability initiatives.

Learn About The Company We Keep

Catalyst has been working in partnership with World Wildlife Fund on the Clean Production Initiative to lower emissions at our mills for many years. We have also been working with the Great Bear Rainforest Initiative for over a decade. The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest tracts of temperate rainforest in the world — 64,000 square kilometres along British Columbia’s Central and North Pacific Coast. The focus of this partnership is to work collaboratively towards ecosystem based forest management and conservation.


Compared to typical North American paper mills, our Sage papers come from among the cleanest facilities.

Being Sage
Is Who We Are

Catalyst’s commitment to the environment goes well beyond Sage. Corporate sustainability is a hallmark of our company. We continually demonstrate leadership in this area through our business and manufacturing processes.

Our focus is on reducing waste, increasing efficiency and lowering our overall footprint through greenhouse gas emission reductions. This holistic approach is extended to environmental partnerships and relationships with our employees and communities. If your customers are asking for assurance, and if their own values, reputation and image are tied to sustainability, we invite you to “Be Sage” and learn more.