Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Statement


At Catalyst Paper, everyone at our workplace has the right to, and shares responsibility for, a safe, healthy and harm-free environment. We expect our managers and leaders to provide a visible, proactive and demonstrated commitment to health and safety so as to sustain a culture where safety is a prime value that cannot be compromised. This will be reflected in our actions, attitude, consistency and energy.


Through consultation with our employees, developing partnerships with our unions and obtaining input and feedback from all our stakeholders (including visitors, communities and the Workers’ Compensation Board), we will:

Develop strategic plans

  • Set objectives and targets for improving health and safety performance
  • Commit the human, material and financial resources to achieve these objectives and targets

Implement our plans

  • Build safety into the way we operate
  • Improve our facilities, equipment and conditions to protect people
  • Comply with legal requirements for health and safety
  • Require our managers to carry out their health and safety responsibilities by providing people with adequate programs, resources, information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure everyone’s health and safety
  • Require supervisors to ensure the health and safety of people under their supervision
  • Ensure all employees understand their health and safety rights and carry out their health and safety responsibilities, including following prescribed safe work procedures, observing all rules and regulations and cooperating in achieving a safe, healthy and harm-free environment

Monitor our performance

  • Measure key performance indicators that identify progress toward our health and safety objectives and targets
  • Conduct reviews, audits and inspections to verify compliance with health and safety requirements
  • Hold ourselves accountable to our policies and procedures
  • Provide mechanisms for feedback, listen to it and act upon it where appropriate

Continually improve

  • Act responsibly to correct unsafe conditions and practices
  • Work to remove the root causes of health and safety problems
  • Share best practices throughout our company, and with others
  • In support of our health and safety philosophy, detailed policies and procedures have been developed and will be regularly updated at each of our locations